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See what our customers have been saying about our products.

Great products.

The Comander spreads very well. It breaks the tension of the drops, doesn’t create foam and is excelent in desiccation. Floema K5O, on the other hand, is great for grain filling. They are excellent products with great cost-benefit.


Eurico Soares Figueredo Ibiá


It’s already been two years that I have been using Floema’s complete treatment, and I have this partnership as a big benefit in my farm. I am very satisfied with the partnership and the products used on my crops.


Marcos Rodrigues Cunha São Gotardo

Great results!

Floema has geared our productivity every year, with great results and cost-benefit, with a nutritional state of quality and efficiency on our crops. Thanks for taking our business this seriously.


Arlindo Guimarães Farm Santa Bárbara - Patrocínio

Excellent results!

With Floema’s products we’ve had excellent results, taking into account a satsifactory raise of up to 50% in productivity, mainly with Floema Raiz. This longlasting partnership has already existed for over 5 years.


Jeferson Junior Rossi Agro Rossi Group - Serra do Salitre

Very important partnership.

Floema's products cover all the nutritional needs of my crops, with great cost-benefit, great production income and differential quality of coffee. Today I'm really satisfied.


Rogério Gryczak Farm Campo Limpo - Serra do Salitre

Longlasting partnership!

Today, our partnership with Floema is very important for my business, because it adds a lot to the productivity and quality, with great assistance from the technical area, resulting in a longlasting partnership.


Marcos Antonio Vimercati e Camila Vimercati Farm Grão de Ouro - Patrocínio

6 years of results.

It's been 6 years that I have been using Floema's products on my crops, on the coffee culture, beans and soy with complete treatment. I'm really satisfied with this partnership and with the obtained results.


Reginaldo Braz Silvoni Coromandel

Totally Satisfied!

I only have compliments for this patnership that I have with Floema. I am currently using Nitro, Comander, K5O and Manganês in all my area. I am completely satisfied with the assistance and the products’ yields.


Abdala Daguer Neto Grão de Ouro Farm - Coromandel


Floema presents a line of products made with multiple formulas of balanced complexes with macronutrients and micronutrients, formed by mineral and organic molecules completely assimilable by the plants, both by the roots and the leaves. It represents, in such way, what is most modern in plant nutrition technology.

Floema, besides offering the best fertilizers in the market, also counts on many qualified professionals who give all the necessary assistance for you to get the best results and consequently reach the biggest profitability and gain from your crops.

The quality of Floema’s products can be seen in all Brazilian crops. With adequate logistics for each client, our products are delivered to all Brazilian regions. Get in touch with us, try out products and increase your productivity.

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