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About Floema


11 years of history

An industry born in Patrocínio that has tradition and expertise in what it does, developing the best formulas for your crops since 2004.


Side by side with the producer

Since its beggining, Floema follows its clients in the search for best results. The partnership with the producer goes far beyond of the product delivery.



An industry that worries about the environment through sustainable actions that don’t hurt the nature.

An industry that cares about results.

Created in 2004, Floema is specialized in plant nutrition and works with excellent quality raw material, which enables the elaboration of strictly balanced formulas to meet the nutritional requirements of the plants.

Floema also has a line of products made with several balanced complex formulations with macronutrients and micronutrients, composed of mineral and organic molecules completely assimilable by the plants, both by the roots and the leaves. It represents, in such way, what is most modern in plant nutrition technology.

Quality control

With the aid of the Development and Research department, Floema always seeks the best innovations in the plant nutrition field, always having the goal of aiding in the obtention of higher yields and best crop quality.

The company also operates in the development of custom formulas, according to the nutritional status of the crops measured through soil and plant tissue analysis.